Tucked into the heart of Lancaster County, MeadowView Jerseys is our family-run farm where we are very thankful to work together each new morning. Our herd of Jersey dairy cattle has the freedom to roam and graze our stretching patches of farmland. We specialize in producing raw, grass-fed A2A2 milk and cheese as well as pasteurized butter, yogurt, kefir, and plain but also seasoned curds.


Our children’s great-grandfather, Allen Wenger, bought our property in 1940, starting out with just 12 Holstein milking cows. His son, John Allen Wenger, later managed milk production onsite for several decades. Moving here in 2006 in taking ownership of the farm, we are now in our family’s third and fourth generations in the dairy industry, grateful to be a part of local agriculture on a small family farm. Our roots and heritage are more than 75 years in the making in Leola, Lancaster County.

Each day, our sons and daughters work alongside us in taking care of dairy cattle to support our store’s inventory and what we supply to farm markets and shops around the region.

In 2009, we began selling raw milk since we understood its increasing demand, great taste, full nutritional scope, and how its retained enzymes often help people to better digest it.


We changed our herd to all Jersey cows and heifers from Holstein cattle that same year after researching and noticing that their milk averaged 20 percent higher in protein, calcium, and butterfat. After learning through genetic testing that much of our herd carried the A2A2 protein instead of A1A1 or A1A2 proteins, we noticed new customers coming out of the woodwork to purchase our milk; they were looking for A2A2 milk because of its known better ease of digestion for those who had intolerance with typically store-bought homogenized, pasteurized milk from cattle not as likely to be have the A2A2 protein in what they produced. In 2012, we began transitioning to exclusively A2A2 Jersey cattle. We feel good knowing we help people to have access to wholesome, nutritious milk which hasn’t lost its most valuable ingredients.


In 2017, we built a new processing facility at our farm.

There, we bottle all our milk and make cheese, butter, yogurt, kefir, and curds in the processing room. The facility also includes our lab for testing. This lab is where we do our work to follow the strict legal requirements which we must adhere to in order to maintain our license for the sale of raw milk through the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.

We also have a store at our farm where you can buy not only what we produce but also locally-sourced groceries made by other farm and food operations near us.

Many of our dedicated customers are local, but some drive from several hours away to buy our raw, grass-fed A2A2 milk and other dairy products; they travel from Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, and New York. We greatly appreciate all of those who support us and are a part of keeping our labors as a family at home on the land we love with the animals which help us to provide healthy, nutrient-rich food in our community and beyond.