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We provide the finest, high quality grass-fed meats and A2/A2 dairy products

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Located in the heart of Lancaster County in Leola, PA, our farm is surrounded by beautiful chemical-free pastures. We are committed to providing you with organic and natural foods that are both nutritious and delicious.

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Since I prefer to drink only raw milk and don't always have time to shop for it regularly because of my busy schedule, I just have it on-hand once in a while. This A2A2 milk was the first I'd tried, and its fresh, wholesome taste stood out immediately. I found it so delicious that I had trouble pacing myself in not sipping a lot at once! It's clear that significant quality and care truly go into each jug. I can't wait to try the curds and deep-frying them sometime, as the Wenger Family suggests, besides the great suggestion to add them to salads or enjoy them with crackers. I'm sure they also go well as their own quick snacks choc with calcium and protein, too.

Renee H.

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May 17, 2019

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